Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Gun Raffle this weekend!

This weekend is the 1st Venango County Fair Gun Raffle. IT will be a weekend of good food, and winning of guns. If you need a ticket, there are still some for sale. This raffle is limited 300 tickets!
Call the Fair Office if you still need a ticket. For more info and complete listing of guns to be raffled, click on the Gun Raffle tab at top of the page.

2011 Fruit Sale

The Venango County 2011 Fruit Sale has begun!

Below are the options, but I couldn't get a form that you could print to work today. If you are interested you could call the Fair office  814-437-7716 and have a form mailed to you.

Order Deadline: November 11, 2011

Pick-up times: Thursday& Friday December 8th & 9th from 9am-5:30pm

Fruits that can be ordered:

Full case  PINK GRAPEFRUIT  $25.00
Full Case  NAVELS (no seeds)   $25.00
Full Case Hamlins (juice orange w/ seeds) $23.00
Full Case Tangelos (tangerine/orange cross) $25.00
1/2 Case   Tangerines           $22.00
1/2 bushel Citrus Variety Pack (Grapefruit, Navels, Tangerines) $26.00
1/2 Bushel Fresh Fruit Sampler (Apples, grapefruit,navels, tangerines, pears) $26.00

Checks can be made out to the Venango County Fair

Note: Half cases will be available upon request- the cost will be half of the cost of a case PLUS $1.00. (Example 1/2 case grapefruits will be $13.00) Tangerines cannot be split as they are already 1/2 cases.

This is a great way to make fruit baskets for Christmas or just to have fresh fruit during the holidays.  Why not enjoy the fruit and help the fair all at the same time!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Apple Fest Apple Pies!

With the chill in the air and the changing color of the leaves, we start to think about Apple Fest. This is a time when the fairboard gets to work along with various volunteers to make around 500 apple pies to be sold at Apple Fest. The volunteers come in all ages, they just have to be willing to help.
A apple peeling crew
One of the pie crust makers

Mixing another batch of dough
Mixing the apples with the cinnamon and sugar

Some of the finished pies- Boy do they smell good!